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Listino 2015

Jesolo International Club Camping

  Via Alberto da Giussano, 1
30016 Jesolo Lido, Jesolo (VE)
Tel +39 0421971826 Fax +39 0421972561
On Closing Period: Fax +39 0421972561
web: www.camping.it/veneto/campjesolo - www.jesolointernational.it
e-mail: campjesolo@camping.it - info@jesolointernational.it

Welcome to Jesolo International, the first campsite to offer an all-inclusive package. Jesolo International is a simply superior quality campsite! It is friendly in size, located in an exceptional position and is laid out and equipped to satisfy the needs of an international public. You can be sure of a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere at Jesolo International, as well as motivated, ready-to-help personnel, unbeatable cleanliness and hygiene, attention to detail and an ideal family environment.

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