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Camping and village in Sardegna: Cagliari

 Campeggio Cala d'Ostia  
  Lungomare S.Margherita di Pula - 09010 S. Margherita di Pula, Pula (CA)
Tel +39 +39.070921470 Fax +39 +39.070921471
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.070921471
 Camping Flumendosa  
Camping Flumendosa
  Via Flumendosa 12 - 09010 Santa Margherita, Pula (CA)
Tel +39 +39.0704615332 - +39 +39.3929623094
The Flumendosa Camp-site is situated south-west of Cagliari, in the large shady pinewood of S. Margherita, one of the nicest resorts sauthern Sardinia.
Quartu Sant'Elena
 Camping Pini e Mare  
  Via Leonardo da Vinci 287 - 09045 Capitana, Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)
Tel +39 +39.070803103 - +39 +39.3471166140
Only 30 mt. far from beach, in a wonderful pine-wood, the "pini e mare" camping is at 12,300 km on the south-eastern street of Sardinia. The campsite overlooks in a fine white sandy beach with a crystal and not very deep water, it's ideal for children and any kind of water sport....

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