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Camping and village in Sardegna: Oristano

 Campeggio S'Ena Arrubia  
  Strada nr.29 - 09092 Arborea (OR)
Tel +39 0783809011 Fax +39 0782809011
On Closing Period: Fax +39 0783809011
Spend the holidays open-pit, to immerse into the nature, for a free and independent holiday: this is the camping in Sardinia directly onto the sea, with a large beach of the finest sand, the Camping S’Ena Arrubia is provided with a modern accommodation equipment and with efficient services for tents
 S'Abba Druche  
  08013 S'Abba Druche, Bosa (OR)
Tel +39 +39.3383481579 - +39 +39.3935971175 Fax +39 +39.070666002
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.070666002
 Camping Is Aruttas  
  09072 Marina is Aruttas, Cabras (OR)
Tel +39 3889774903 - +39 3421034894 Tel/Fax +39 07831925461
The camping is located in a natural resort of rocks and mediterranean bushes. It is in front of the superb sandy white beach Is Aruttas....
 Camping Village Bella Sardinia  
Camping Village Bella Sardinia
  SS 292 - Km. 109 - 09073 Torre del Pozzo, Cuglieri (OR)
Tel +39 +39.078538058 - +39 +39.078538383 Fax +39 +39.0785389218
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.0785389218
Located in Torre dei Pozzo, in the Municipality of Cuglieri, approximately 20 Km from Oristano, inside the large pinewood of Is Arenas, just on the coast line behind the long wide beach of Is Arenas.
 Camping Village Is Arenas  
Camping Village Is Arenas
  Is Arenas Km 109.400 - 09070 Is Arenas, Narbolia (OR)
Tel +39 +39.07831926202
In the heart of the beautiful western Sardinia, in the Oristano province, there is a wonderful place: the Sinis peninsula,world heritage site , which is symbol of untouched nature and crystal clear waters.
 Campeggio Nurapolis  
  Strada Statale 292 km 109,400 - 09070 Is Arenas, Narbolia (OR)
Tel +39 078352283 - +39 3488080839 Fax +39 078352255
Campeggio Nurapolis is situated in the North of the evocative Sinis Peninsula, inside the park of Sinis Montiferru. Set in twelve hectares of pineforest, the campsite is only 150 metres from the sea. Take a stroll down whenever you want to enjoy the six kilometres of sandy beach.
 Villaggio Campeggio Nuraghe Ruiu  
Villaggio Campeggio Nuraghe Ruiu
  Località Sant'Ignazio - 09070 Sant'Ignazio, Norbello (OR)
Tel +39 +39.0785776206 Fax +39 +39.0785771057
 Camping Villaggio Turistico Spinnaker  
Camping Villaggio Turistico Spinnaker
  StradaTorregrande-Pontile - 09170 Torre Grande, Oristano (OR)
Tel +39 +39.078322074 - +39 +39.3459184436
Oristano's gulf is a beautiful inlet in Sardinians westcoast. Through all ages gratefully observed by the indecipherable eyes of Phoenician navigators and with greed by the hungry eyes of pirates....

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