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Camping and village in Abruzzo: Pescara

Caramanico terme
 Agricampeggio da Rondinella  
  65023 San Nicolao, Caramanico terme (PE)
Tel +39 +39.085922251 Fax +39 +39.08592476
On Closing Period: Tel +39 +39.3343305397
The farming holiday camping site Valle dell Orfento is situated over a vast and flat agricultural area of about 700 square meters divided into clearings equipped with pumps for water and electricity distribution and toilet facilities for clients...
Sant'Eufemia A Maiella
 Agricampeggio Colle dei Lupi  
  C.da San Giacomo - 65020 Sant'Eufemia A Maiella (PE)
Tel +39 3339655454 Tel/Fax +39 085920370

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