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Camping and village in Friuli-Venezia Giulia: Udine

 Camping Village Belvedere Pineta  
  33051 Belvedere, Aquileia (UD)
Tel +39 +39.043191007 Fax +39 +39.0431918641
 Camping Aquileia  
  via Gemina, 10 - 33051 Monastero, Aquileia (UD)
Tel +39 +39.043191042 - +39 +39.3283310065 Fax +39 +39.043130804
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.043130804
Forni Di Sopra
 Camping Tornerai  
  Loc.Stinsans, 11 - 33024 Forni Di Sopra (UD)
Tel/Fax +39 043388035
Gemona Del Friuli
 Campeggio Ai Pioppi  
  Via Bersaglio, 118 - 33013 Gemona Del Friuli (UD)
Tel +39 0432981276 Tel/Fax +39 0432980358
On Closing Period: Fax +39 0432980358
The camping site "Ai Pioppi", is managed by the Forgiarini family, and it is one of the first camping sites in Italy, since it was set up in 1958. It established itself, in the course of time, thanks to its faithful and regular customers......
 Camping Girasole Park  
Camping Girasole Park
  Via Lignano Sud 53 - 33050 Aprilia Marittima, Latisana (UD)
Tel/Fax +39 +39.043153900
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.043153900
Camping Girasole Park is an ideal center for those who want a quiet holiday near the seaside.
Lignano Sabbiadoro
 Camping Pino Mare  
Camping Pino Mare
  Lungomare Riccardo Riva, 15 - 33054 Lignano Riviera, Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)
Tel +39 +39.0431424424 - +39 +39.0431424425 Fax +39 +39.0431424427
The Pino Mare campsite village is a fantastic oasis of peacefulness by the Adriatic sea located between the green of a luxuriant pinewood and a wide private beach.
 Camping Sabbiadoro  
Camping Sabbiadoro
  Via Sabbiadoro, 8 - 33054 Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD)
Tel +39 +39.043171455 - +39 +39.043171710 Fax +39 +39.0431721355
Among the green of a Mediterranean pine-grove and a luxuriant shady garden of 130.000 squares metres, is an oasis of tranquillity only few minutes walk from the centre of the town....
 Camping Val del Lago  
  Via Tolmezzo - 33010 Alesso, Trasaghis (UD)
Tel +39 3482431337 - +39 3316199953
Immerged in the green our camping with its family management is placed on the western bank of the “Lago dei Tre Comuni” (Lake of the three Towns, or Cavazzo-Lake) in the neighbourhood of a Friulian natural park..
 Camping Lago dei Tre Comuni  
  Via Tolmezzo, 52 - 33010 Alesso, Trasaghis (UD)
Tel/Fax +39 0432979464
On Closing Period: Fax +39 0432979464

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