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Campeggio Quai

  Via Antonioli 73
25049 Iseo (BS)
Tel/Fax +39 +39.0309821610
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.0309821610
web: www.camping.it/lombardia/quai - https://www.campingquai.it/
e-mail: info@campingquai.it

QUAI Camping is located just a short walk from the town’s historical center. This well furnished camping facility can accomodate camping vans trailers and tents, bungalows are also available. In harmony with its surroundings the area’s natural beauties are easily accessible. The site was set up and opened to campers in 1957 and has since become very popular meeting point for both its italian and foreign devoteees. Camp personnel always on hand to satisfy any and all client requests, and to provide all the services required for a truly confortable vacation, are QUAI Camping’s main distinguishing characteristics.

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