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Holiday Park Spiaggia e Mare

  Via dei Mille, 62
44029 Porto Garibaldi, Comacchio (FE)
Tel +39 +39.0533327431 Fax +39 +39.0533325620
On Closing Period: Fax +39 +39.0533325620
web: www.camping.it/emiliaromagna/spiaggiaemare - https://www.campingspiaggiamare.com/
e-mail: spiaggiaemare@camping.it - info@campingspiaggiamare.it

The Spiaggia e Mare holiday site is situated on the Ferrara beaches surrounded by the Po Delta. It offers guests a relaxing holiday and the option to choose between a private sandy beach and two wonderful swimming pools around which many water and land sport activities are centered. The bungalows are comfortable, modern and furnished to satisfy all family requirements. The complex also provides an excellant restaurant, bar, pizzeria, self-service market and bazar that also sells national and foreign newspapers. Bike hire is available for excursions along the beautiful coastline and inland park.

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