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Camping Village Internazionale

  Via S.Michele, 10
60020 Sirolo (AN)
Tel +39 0719330884 Fax +39 0719331471
On Closing Period: Fax +39 0719331471
web: www.camping.it/marche/internazionale - https://www.campinginternazionale.com
e-mail: internaz.sirolo@camping.it - info@campinginternazionale.com

The only camping site on the Sirolo coast. Right in the heart of Parco del Conero in a unique, enchanting location, on terraces gently sloping to the sea, the Camping overlooks to marvellous bays (Urbani beach and St. Michele - Sassi Neri Beach). Ideal for a relaxing vacation in close contact with nature. Camping International stands amongst the greenery of oaks, Holm oaks, lime trees, pine trees, strawberry trees, brooms, oleanders, palm trees. The Camping was established 35 years ago in the uncontaminated Mediterranean marquis.

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