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Camping Hermitage

  Via Melezzo 43
28852 Craveggia (VB)
Tel/Fax +39 +39.032498073
web: www.camping.it/piemonte/hermitage - https://www.campinghermitage.com/
e-mail: hermitage@camping.it - info@campinghermitage.it

The camping site is situated in a pine forest along a quiet stream. The cable-lift network is only 100 meters away. It reaches the skiing runs of the Piana di Vigezzo at the altitude of 750-2000 meters. Every sector is provided with electricity. The main services are close even to the further off lots, since there are three buildings in the various areas of the site. The camping site is provided of wide, detached lots, terraces which offer a spectacular view. It is sunny all year round. The service offered is designed to fulfil every expectation. The main services of the camp site are: separate bathrooms for men and for women, rooms for the cleaning of dishes, washing machines and wash-tubs, ironing and drying site. On your arrival, you will enter in a vast salon with a wonderful fireplace to warm you during the cold winter evenings. There are an amusement arcade, a bar and a restaurant which offers a take-away service of hot meals. The camping site is open all year round; the keeper is always on duty; the restaurant and bar are open during all the season.

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