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Prezzi 2022

Camping Village Mareblu

  Via dei Campilunghi
57023 La Mazzanta, Cecina (LI)
Tel +39 0586629191 Fax +39 0586629192
web: www.camping.it/toscana/mareblu - https://campingmareblu.com/
e-mail: mareblu.toscana@camping.it - info@campingmareblu.com

MAREBLU is a brand new camp-site placed in the town of Cecina Mare. It overlooks the Tuscan coastline, and stretches for 100.000 squared meters flat land; a century-old pinewood divides it from the sea. MAREBLU is a green heaven covering a 300 meters long area along the coastline and it's a real biogenetic nature reserve. A short path , connecting the camp-site with the beach, crosses the shady pinewood. MAREBLU offers sports facilities and services for out- door entertainment activities: fun and games, an amusement park for children, volleyball and five-a-side football, pitches, table tennis, swimming pools and a beach where is possible to play water sports. For those who don't have their van or tent , it is possible to rent a movable house placed in one of wide comfortable parking areas of the camping-site: the best way to spend a relaxing holiday, deep in the green nature. MAREBLU offers a large parking area, the possibility to rent bicycles, and five well-equipped and comfortable toilet facilities. Inside the camp-site there is a café, a restaurant, a self-service shop , a butcher's and a pizzeria, while the shopping-centre includes a bazaar, a supermarket, a greengrocer's selling fresh fruit and vegetables, a kiosk and a tobacconist's. The geographical position of the camp-site is the ideal starting- point to visit the artistic and historic towns of Tuscany: choose among the daily trips to the town of Florence, Siena, Volterra, Pisa and the charming Tuscan archipelago.

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