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Campeggio Villaggio Parco delle Piscine

  Via Campo dei Fiori 30
53047 Sarteano (SI)
Tel +39 +39.057826971 Fax +39 +39.0578265889
web: www.camping.it/toscana/parcodellepiscine - https://parcodellepiscine.it/
e-mail: info@parcodellepiscine.it

The Parco delle Piscine is located on the Sarteano plateau, 573 meters above sea level, in a well-shaded location surrounded by green hills caressed by pure, health-giving breezes. Its three pools and giant whirlpool are fed by the mineral-rich waters of the Santa Lucia spring. They flow at a rate of 250 liters per second and a temperature of 24° C, soothing the visitor's eyes and toning the bather's body. The delightful setting and friendly welcome make the Parco delle Piscine one of Europe's finest. Our mobile homes stand in generously large spaces to provide the ideal option for families wanting to spend a comfortable holiday in contact with nature. Built according to strict technical specifications, our mobile homes are good to look at, stylish, spacious and very comfortable. Our 90 - 120 m2 large pitches are set among the vegetation. All are well shaded and provided with electricity as an optional. Caravan and camper owners will find them very comfortable to use. The pitches with supplement feature also drinking and waste water.

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