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Prezzi 2021

Camping Villaggio Il Collaccio

  Fraz. Castelvecchio
06047 Preci (PG)
Tel +39 +39.0743939005 - +39 +39.0743939084 - +39 +39.0743665108
web: www.camping.it/umbria/ilcollaccio - https://www.ilcollaccio.com
e-mail: info@ilcollaccio.com

Il Collaccio is in the Sibillini Mountains National Park. It’s a campsite, a countryside hotel and a farm as well. It’s hard to find a single definition for Il Collaccio, but a close one could be “land of encounters”. Here you meet people, you get in touch with nature, you get to know some good Italian cuisine and make friends with a quiet yet lively region. Come here if you feel like reaching out for new experiences or if you want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a moment just to yourself: Il Collaccio there is a place for each and everyone. Let’s start by introducing ourselves: the Baldoni family welcomes you.

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