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  SS 26 Km 106 Aosta-Courmayeur-Tunnel Monte Bianco
11010 Arensod, Sarre (AO)
Tel/Fax +39 +39.0165257061
On Closing Period: Tel/Fax +39 +39.0165257202
web: www.camping.it/valledaosta/touring - http://www.campingtouring.com
e-mail: internationaltouring@camping.it - campingtouring@libero.it

The camping is situated in a quiet wood on the left bank of the Dora Baltea in the surroundings of Sarre, at about 3 km. from Aosta, on the national road no. 26 Aosta- Courmayeur - Mont Blanc Tunnel. The ground is flat, protected and posted. The camping ground is equipped with: · modern sanitary facilities; · cold running drinking water; · free hot water in some wash-basins also for dishes and cloths; · warm showers - free; · 220 V Power points; · night lighting; · good service of cleansing and supervision, caravans and chalets to rent. Within 1 km. distance from the camping site you can find: petrol station, mechanical, railway station, hairdresser, shops, hotels, restaurants, pharmacy, fishing for sport. From the camping ground you can join Aosta where, besides the services you can find in a town, administrative centre of a region (shops, restaurants, cinemas, discotheques,...) it is possible to follow some cultural and sport events organized during the whole year by the local Tourist Office. Near to Aosta there is an airport where you can hire touring planes and gliders. You have also the possibility of doing kayak alongside the Dora Baltea.

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