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Isamar Holiday

  Via Isamar, 9
30015 Isola Verde, Chioggia (VE)
Tel +39 +39.0415535811 Fax +39 +39.0415535928
web: www.camping.it/isamar - https://www.villaggioisamar.com
e-mail: isamar@camping.it - booking@villaggioisamar.com

CERTIFICATE UNI EN ISO 14001 In the countryside not far from Chioggia, Venezia, in a park of more than 40 hectares that spreads from inland to the sea, you find the holiday resort and country-club Tenuta Santa Grazia. The Village Isamar is the first unit from which has developed the whole resort. Equipped with the newest infrastructures, overlooking a beautiful beach, the village has been for the past 30 years the vacation of choice of tourists from all over Europe, who really on our offer of comfortable living-units and faultless service, yet fulfilling the concept of the open-air vacation. Guests can choose between bungalows, cottages, maxi-caravans or emplacements for their own caravan and tents. Otherwise, they can stay at Isaresidence, a complex of nice apartments overlooking its private beach and pools, easily achievable from Isamar by the beach. Along the lane flanked by trees that leads to the Village, you find the Horse-Riding Centre and La Cabana. The Horse-riding Centre hosts riding-school, shows and competitions all-year long. You can ride in the paddocks, try hyppotheraphy, or leave for a ride to the shore, to the delta of the Adige river, or in the lagoon. At night, everybody meets at La Cabana, a typical countryside mansion transformed into a multi-functional space, surrounded by a beautiful garden. The Restaurant La Cabana, located under an arbour, features a traditional menu- meets, rather than fish -, a selection of pizzas, and late-night snacks. After dinner, the night continues in the garden, with live and DJ music, parties and special events. Our Guests spend a free, relaxed, natural holiday here. The beautiful setting, the comfortable residences, the many restaurants, bars and facilities, the park and amusements for the children, an international entertainment-team, part of an overall staff of more than 250 people, are just some of the amenities that make the resort unforgettable.

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